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Dogs have long been used as therapy and guide animals for handicapped people.  In the past few years, cats have also been discovered as a wonderful addition to a therapy community - autistic children, elderly in nursing homes, and elderly parents who live alone.

Ragdoll cats in particular show a particular affinity to this companionship.  They form a quick bond, and show a loyalty to the owners and prove as seen below to be a wonderful asset.  I am very happy to be one of the first breeders to begin offering my retirees to this community in particular. I have been approached by social workers and administrators alike for information on this breed as therapy animals.

Typically, felines used for therapy have to be at least 1 year to be certified, and are usually pedigreed animals.

We only have 1 or two cats a year than can qualify for this special job.  We screen and use the Delta Society's criteria to select these cats.  If you are a therapist and looking for one of these special cats, contact me at

For more information contact on Therapy Cats:

  The Delta Society

  Pets and People

Romantic Rags Brimley

Brimley has been working as a therapy pet for 2 years now.  He first went with Hazel to a special needs school.  When his temperment proved to be exceptional, he entered a certification program for therapy pets.  Since then, he and Hazel have been sending updates every few months.  He is our first "star".

Over time, he began to keep Hazel's dad company in the nursing home.  He was the hit of the facility, bringing companionship and animation to the residents and staff.  Truly sharing his ragdoll spirit with all , he became a fixture in the small community.

Marilyn Monroe

The letter below says it all.

Hi Kathy,
I believe my daughter, Shelly, sent you a picture of Marilyn and my mom that she took this morning.  I will be creating her Christmas card with the image and also a little newsletter to send to friends and relatives to share the good news of Marilyn and Mom.  We both thought you'd like to see how Marilyn is doing with her new mom now, so you're getting  the first release!   MM has gained weight, has a lovely coat, is eating  well and generally is the hit of the facility.  She is the sweetest cat I've ever met;
 she's happy and playful, but mostly cuddles and rolls around in my mom's lap.  Though my mom has a lovely, animal loving  roommate, Marilyn is clearly attached to my  mom and hasn't wanted to find another lap. In fact on Thanksgiving, the first day that my mom left the nursing home for any length of time since getting Marilyn, she requested to  go back, which she NEVER does, so that she could  return to her kitty and make sure she was fine..  My mom is no longer lonesome. Marilyn is totally therapeutic and has gotten my mom to be much more social now that she has such a pride and joy.  As you might guess, everyone loves Marilyn...staff, residents, visitors and administration alike.  Woodpecker Hill is a small nursing home, just 40 beds, so the news of Marilyn's arrival spread quickly and happily. 
Also,my mom's roomate's daughter is a psychotherapist, who has told me that she has noticed a world of difference in my mom when she visits and can't believe the change.  I just knew it was what she needed, and thankfully was able to make it happen, thanks to you.  Sometimes the stars just align and things happens as one hopes without running into huge obstacles.  I am truely grateful that this was one of those occasions.  Please know that on
Thanksgiving, I reflected with gratitude for being led to you and all your help in bringing such joy to my mom.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving also.
I will keep in touch with more Marilyn and Mom stories.